How Do You Repost on Instagram

Instagram as the only address to buy followers, in this article; How to repost Instagram? We will explain the question in detail with pictures. First of all, we should keep in mind that the pictures or videos that you will repost can be protected by copyright, we should take care not to repost them without the consent of the people.

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Instagram has Two Options for Repost;

The first of these;

Reposting a Screenshot

1. First of all, we open our Instagram application, if not, we do. Here we go to our homepage where the instagram stream is located.

instagram how to repost 1

2. Then we find the post we want to repost. I will use the last photo that Tarkan shared as an example. If you are using an iPhone 8 and sub-model smartphone, you can quickly press the side key and home key simultaneously to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be added to your library. If you’re using Iphone X, you need to click on the button on the right and then quickly turn up the volume.

instagram how to repost 2

3. After taking a screenshot of the image we will repost on Instagram, we go to our profile page and click on the “+” sign that allows us to share the photo or video in the middle.

instagram how to repost 3

4. In this section, there are sections where we can shoot and share videos or posts instantly. By clicking on the Select Library from the leftmost section; we choose the image we want to repost. In the upper section, we can select the desired part or the whole by sliding the picture. We also have the possibility to select and use filters in the lower section.

instagram how to repost 4

5. After preparing our photo, click on the next letter on the top right. In this section, we can add details such as location comes to the section. If you want to add a photo description and details such as hashtag as well as facebook, twitter, such as our account if we connected to instagram; automatically shipment; it can be shared on platforms.

instagram how to repost 5

6. In the last step, we can check our post by clicking on our profile.

The second option for reposting is;

Reposting Applications
When we reposted the screenshot, we could only use the pictures. If we want to repost the videos, we need to use the apps for that. Firstly, if we are using an ios-based phone, we open AppStore, if it is using an android-based phone, we open Google Play Store and write “Repost for Instagram“.

instagram how to repost 2 1

1. In this way, many instagram repost applications appear, we choose the one we like

2. On Instagram we find the photo or video we want to repost. Then, in the upper right section “…” Click on the three points.

3. Then there are multiple options, if you use instagram in English, click on the “Copy Share URL” section. If we use Turkish; We need to click “Copy Link”.

4. In the last step, we open the repost application and share the picture or video with our followers easily.

“How to Repost Instagram?” We have come to the end of our article, if you want to ask about this subject you can ask us in the comments section of the subsection. 🙂


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